Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Still not there

I’m still not feeling the workouts as in I don’t believe this is the max I could go or push myself. Every single weight plate doesn’t seem as daunting as it used to be and seems like Michael has been reducing the stacks although he has been reassuring me that I’m pushing very heavy weights. In part, I’m setting higher standards (to at least best the guys) and in part, we’ve been working on the same programme (single muscle group, single workouts) for some time. I think I’m probably someone who craves more workouts/supersets with heavy weights. Geez now in addition to being lame, I crave sadomasochism?!?!?!?!

Ok, enough of pity party and self-wallowing…since we’ll be starting on the Deign programme on Friday. Plus, I’ve a few days off over the holidays to get my act together. Hoping we’ll have a solid programme to build a strong base this year.

Here’s what we did this morning and I’m not taking bets that Mr DOMS will show up.

Supersets of:
a) Hoist lat pulldown
b) Free standing pull-ups (ok, this one is excluded from the pity party since I suck at this and no amount of practice has made any difference. I just try not to fall off the bars...yes, I’m that vain.)

Supersets of:
c) LF cable close grip lat pulldown
d) Bendover back row with plate weight

Single set of:
e) LF cable low row (wide grip iron bar)

Supersets of:
f) LF cable back pressdown
g) DB bendover back row (ditched the deadlifts from the combo of row-deadlifts since it wasn’t heavy enough for me to feel it)

Supersets of:
h) DB pullovers (er pullovers? I thought this was backs-and-lats day?)
i) BB bicep curl (ok, this was tough…probably coz of the earlier free standing pull-ups)

Single set of:
j) Reverse abs crunches (did this on a lower degree)

Other stuff of "heart"…to me at least, you guys just pretend and play along…

I got my bootie stash from Running Skirts yesterday.

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