Monday, January 16, 2012

Horror weekend begone!

It was a tough weekend, workout and running wise. I was uninspired and unmotivated to do anything. Trust me, it was tough getting out of the door to make my way for yesterday’s race. I kept hoping I would get lost (dang! The GPS didn’t fail me!) or the car batt would die (nope, didn’t happen too!). UNFORTUNATELY, I did arrive safely and well ahead of time for the run. Race recap to come soon.

Then there was the angry Achilles tendon and cramps to deal with. So not on.

In a SUPREME effort to cheer myself up, I treated myself a 1.5hour session with Chhay and eating whatever I want (not much but know that it involved some grease!). It worked, somewhat because as of last night, I’m recommitting to building an even stronger base of weight training and eating cleanly. Plus having a few weeks off racing.

Here’s a treat from Chhay and Margaret

In between this morning’s reps, sets, whatever, Michael and I decided to revise my workouts from next week. We’ll be doing the Deign sets and loading up the weights. I’m just setting myself up for trouble…and doing it consciously…without any illegal substance or alcohol clouding my already fuzzy and diminishing mental capacity. LOL!

4 Single sets of:
a) Bench chest press (oy, you there…yeah, you hogging the Smith machine for God-knows-how-long and the ratio of your rest to workout is 99.99999999%!)
b) Smith machine incline chest press
c) DB incline chest fly

Supersets of:
d) TRX push-ups/chest press
e) Technogym cable bench chest press (never attempt this after a TRX!)

Supersets of:
f) Push-ups………holding the bar on a wobbly fit ball! (yeah, we do like playing roll the ball around the gym in an attempt to look half decent and not fall flat on my already-pancake face embarrass myself doing this workout!)
g) Leg raises

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