Saturday, December 31, 2011

Shake the Gremlins out Run - 31 December 2011

Route: 2 laps around Lake Gardens
Distance: 2.3km*2 = 4.6km (Garmin: 4.54km)

Timing: 23:54 for 5:15 min/km pace

Last run for the year! Total mileage is probably around 1,700km - yeah puny to you multi marathoners and ultra marathoners out there. Heck, I think even the halfies would beat me. Oh naturally, this is chicken feed for Winnie - she's up to 1,200++ km just for races!

Back to this morning's run...wasn't expecting much, in fact, I surprised I made it out of the front door. The quads and hammies have been on fire since yesterday. Michael's last gift for the year I guess.

The conditions were perfect for clocking the mileage - overnight rain had the temps on the low end; the fresh air; the quiet morning; the no-training and no-expectations-on-timing mode. Throw in the spanner: lead like legs. So a short easy run it is, just to shake the Gremlins (a.k.a. lactic acid) out. I bumped into LikSng as I was finishing and we said "hi".

Last run. Last post. See ya'all next year. Happy New Year!

Now let me go gorge on some greasy peanut puff...hey I heard the greasier the better - for flushing out the soreness. No? Just me?

forgive the picture quality/shadows - I'm just not into photography

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