Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Progressive Run (instead of Recovery Run) – 13 December 2011

Route: BA > Bird Park > Planetarium > National Mosque > LG + 2 laps around LG

Distance: 10.01km (I was being anal about hitting 10km and ran a bit more after the usual finishing point)

Timing: 53:08 for 5:18 min/km pace

BA > Bird Park > Planetarium > National Mosque > LG (~4.7km)

I decided to tackle the hills early on instead of having them in the middle miles this morning partly because I was bored of the usual route and partly because I figured fresh legs would do a better job. As always, I had “recovery run” at the back of my head but knew realistically that that wasn’t gonna happen. I can never slow down enough to make a run = recovery. Tackling the hills early on also meant I had a sort of recovery since the first km was a warm up and I couldn’t speed up on the inclines.

2 laps around LG and a bit more (~5.3km)

No surprise that the legs took on a mind of their own and kept increasing the pace. I also ran a bit further to round up the mileage; yes, I can be very anal at times – the last 700m came in at a 5:08 min/km pace; and yes, I stopped mid track when the Garmin showed 10km. Funny sight.

All in, a good way to start Tuesday. How was your run today? Or are you planning to run this evening?

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