Friday, December 23, 2011

Five Things Friday

1. Received this from a client earlier this week – handmade choc from Delicious. And it’s definitely party mood in the office now…and will continue through to the New Year. Yay baby!

2. Planning on an easy relaxing weekend catching up with everyone over Xmas mealS. This is probably the first weekend since August that I’m not racing or running an event. Definitely going to make the most out of it with family and friends. What’s planned for your weekend?

3. Also hoping to catch this at some point.

4. Decided to pop by KLCC Park yesterday evening for the adiNation Training Run. It was a short easy chit chat session with Fong who just returned from conquering MR25.


a) “Boss” and Group Lead Ronnie

b) Bee Hoon (who gave everyone 2012 table calendars after the run)

c) Yung Hui

d) Ming Hui

e) Khairul

f) Fong

g) Melvin

h) Tay PC (on his own)

i) Weng Woo (on his own)

j) A few more who came later and ran on their own

Route: KLCC Park

Distance: 1.3km * 3 laps = 3.9km (Garmin: 3.76km; Fong’s Garmin: 3.8km)

Timing: 20:12 for 5:22 min/km pace

Lap 1

Easy warm up lap while catching up with Fong on his MR25 exploits. The race leaders a.k.a Boss and Yung Hui sped off when Boss called out “Start”. Bee Hoon, Melvin and Khairul trailed them.

Lap 2

Still chit chatting but we went at a faster pace. I was conscious of not pushing the pace since part of the track were tiled and not “rubberized” and Kei Ming had warned me the previous day that it could be slippery after a rain. [Yup, it drizzled at the start.]

Lap 3

Upped the pace and we saw Ming Hui and asked him to follow us.

I enjoyed the session because it gave me the chance to catch up with Fong and Yung Hui and the KLCC gang. Plus it was a nice easy session to shake out the tension/stress after a day in the office (or the traffic nightmare getting into town!).

5. Michael was late this morning and I ended up having breakfast at Toastbox before the session. Nope, didn’t puke (sorry TMI!) – probably coz it was light (a piece of toast with peanut butter) and I gave it a wide time allowance to settle. Here’s the leg-and-shoulders combo. Our last workout before hols.

4 Single set of:

a) Cybex hack squat (600lbs this morning and it didn’t feel like death…at that point. Keep a watch out for my DOMS* whine this weekend though.)

Supersets of:

b) Cybex plate loaded leg squat press (400lbs, no way we could have done more after the earlier thrashing)

c) Cybex seated calf raises

Supersets of:

d) Technogym leg extension

e) DB Walking lunges (and the DB came from the free weights section, so it was “loaded”. DOMS nummer zwei coming up!)

Single sets of:

f) Freemotion cable seated overhead shoulder press (hey left shoulder…you need to stop failing me!!!)

g) Seated DB lateral raise

h) BB upright row (40lbs! Are you kidding me????!!!!)

i) Reverse abs crunches

Done. Done. Done. Looking forward to the extended weekend.

Xmas Countdown: 1 Day

* DOMS – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

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