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Business as usual; Larian Rakyat Klang 2011

Well folks, we’re back to regular programming. I suggest getting yourself a cuppa as this will be a long post – you’ve been warned! Oh of course, you can hit the scroll button to glean through the merriment of my Xmas weekend but what fun would that be? Right, I’m getting too big for myself here.

Let’s start with the hill training runs on Saturday and Sunday before the city woke up.

Xmas Eve Run – 24 December 2011

Route: Double Hill

Distance: 10.5km

Timing: 59:25 for 5:39 min/km pace

BA > Bukit Tunku turnoff (~5km)

Kelvin had plans for a long run a.k.a 2x DH (yeah, you read that right!) with LikSng but had to cancel due to family commitments. I got to BA about 15 minutes later than the planned 6 am and LikSng had gone off. I decided to tag along with Terence’s group and spent the first 5 minutes catching up with Alexis and everyone. While it was slow going, I found myself at the front and continued until Adam came along at Bank Negara. Then it was mostly catching up with Adam another one of the girls from Terence’s group and we pressed on with John and a friend about 50m ahead.

Bukit Tunku > BA(~5km)

Killer slopes ahead! John’s friend, Adam and the girl dropped back; I would crest the slope and wait for them to join me before forging on. I kept a comfortable pace and yet I was still ahead of the group; after the mini roundabout at Bukit Tunku, it was mainly me keeping pace with John ahead – there was definitely some increase in pace but it was still comfortable. I finished up at BA before heading to Mid Valley for a shower and some errands but not before making plans to join Adam for a 15km the next morning before our respective Xmas service.

Special mention to Terence who kicked off the festivities with a Xmas candle for everyone. Thanks!

Xmas Run – 25 December 2011

Route: Double Hill

Distance: 10.51km

Timing: 57:42 for 5:29 min/km pace

BA > Bukit Tunku turnoff (~5km)

Kelvin bailed out on his planned long run and I ran with Adam instead. We had initially planned on tackling the 15km BA-Solaris route with Terence’s group instead of the BA-Hockey Stadium route (same distance). We went at a faster clip than the previous day but nothing unmanageable. However at the Bukit Tunku turnoff, Adam decided to do the DH instead because his legs felt like “lead” and he didn’t think they would hold up for a longer distance. Sure, no problem. So that makes it a consecutive hill training for us, something I’ve never done before. At least not on the DH route.

Bukit Tunku > BA(~5km)

Adam slowed down quite a bit on the first hill (yeah that 1km hill) and it was here that LikSng ran past me (obviously! You expected otherwise???!!!). That spurred me to up the pace slightly, again not to the point of killing myself since I knew there was that 1km slope at the government office before the turnoff to Padang Merbok…and then the second hill after that. That’s the great thing about running familiar route – you know when to hold back and when to let go (my fav sections are the downhills!). Push, push, push and crest the second hill and then it was just “flying” downhill back to BA. Done – Day 2 of hill training.

Boxing Day Run – 26 December 2011

Third consecutive day of running. Am I onto a streak or what??? Definitely knew it would be the last one of the series because my quads were sore yesterday evening and I was walking uber slowly. I tried to get an appointment with Serenity Cove but they were fully booked for the day – that should teach me a lesson about making reservations early on, especially on public holidays. I did console myself with a movie – New Year’s Eve – though; soppy rom-com, no need to think show yesterday evening.

Boxing Day’s run was the Larian Rakyat Klang 2011 (race recap below) in Pandamaran. It was the heart and gut bursting run – hey, it’s 4.5km…no time to settle into the run since it’s practically over just as you start to get the hang of things (if ever!).

Tuesday’s Workout – 27 December 2011

Three of running. There was certainly a phobia about it last night and I was mighty glad to have a session with Michael this morning. Today’s chest routine:

Supersets of:

a) Smith machine bench chest press

b) DB chest press

Supersets of:

c) Freemotion cable chest fly

d) Decline chest press

Supersets of:

e) DB pullovers

f) Free standing dips

Single sets of:

g) Bendy iron bar bicep curls

h) Leg raises

Larian Rakyat Klang 2011 – 5km

Date: 26 December 2011

Venue: Pandamaran, Klang, Selangor, Malaysia

Distance: 5km (Garmin: 4.49km)

Timing: 21:11 (Gun & Garmin; very odd because I started 4 rows back)

Pace: 4:43 min/km (Garmin)

Result: 2nd (Women’s Open) (results from Dannie's album)

Website: None

This was a small neighbourhood run that Dannie found out about last week and we took a chance to see if we could register at the last minute. We did – thanks bro! The run was organized by the Klang Municipal Council, PAS and DAP – do I sense an election coming? Or the council needing to finish up their yearly allocation? No? I’m thinking too far ahead? Ok, if you say so.

The route was a loop around the Pandamaran sports complex (start/finish) through some of the smaller side roads. It was pancake flat which doesn’t spell good in my books – short run + flat = having to push the pace; using the same muscles; muscles get fatigued earlier. True to form, it was a heart bursting run and I was mighty glad when it was done.


Started 4 rows back which was practically the second to last row; that should give you an idea of the number of participants. I was with Dannie and Carrie and we were chatting our heads off. I like starting slightly back – less stress and am unlikely to get sucked into running at a faster pace (and heading to “Holland”) trailing the race leaders.


Back onto the main road of Pandamaran – spotted the Crystal Crown Hotel and Pantai Hospital. Oh so, I was more or less lucid and able to take in things…even when my heart, lungs and legs were on fire. I passed 2 Malay girls (sisters I found out later) and could see Tan Pei Leng about 80m upfront.


Winding through some of the smaller roads passing a school and some flats. Hey, I actually remembered…not the name though since all energy, blood and oxygen were directed to the aforementioned 3 organs which were probably on the last vestiges of life!


Overjoyed at the left turn to the sports complex. X10!


a) Well put up event – they got things together in less than a week! Good that they had SP Wong and his team from Pacer Sports to help out.

b) Late registration even on race morning allowed – believe it was mentioned that there were 350 participants who signed up (the number who showed up were much less, probably in the region of 150-200?)

c) Small neighbourhood run atmosphere.

d) Swag was kept simple – a tee.

e) Post race grub included breads/buns (sausage or butter and you could have as many as you want), watermelon slices and plentiful choices of hydration (water, Milo, corn, rose etc).

f) Surprisingly despite my initial apprehension of it being a “political and government” event, the event finished at 9 am. Ok, I didn’t stay for the lucky draws but I don’t imagine it stretching beyond 15-20 minutes.


a) No road closure (what else is new) but since it was a public hol + ancilliary roads + manned junctions = I didn’t have much trouble and am still alive and kicking. Thank you very much.

b) The speeches before the prize presentation felt a bit too “politician” for my liking though I appreciate it that they kept it short.

c) The 7:30 am start meant the sun was bearing down on some of the back of the pack come 8-8:30 am.

Photo log (re-posting from yesterday; if you’re not already bored of seeing the same thing…scroll down):

More photos by Dannie (I stole some of them for this post as well).

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