Wednesday, December 28, 2011

4 days to the New Year

3 more work days for the year, ok maybe 2 since we’re almost done with half of today. Things have been winding down – I likey!

2011 has been a pretty intense year in terms of work, workouts and races and I’m sure if I can or want to top that in the coming year. Some things are better experienced once, that way you cherish and treasure the memories so much more. I’m not the type to do a recap or year in review nor one to do a coming-year-resolutions-or goals. There I said it! I believe some things/experiences are private and I enjoy having it rewind in my mind rather than having it in words.

Right, enough of soppy-ness and let’s get down to business. After all, I did say “Business as usual”. I woke up with extremely sore pecs – totally unexpected since I didn’t think we went all out yesterday. Obviously Santa worked overtime and granted my secret wish i.e. good workout, sore muscles. Today’s back/lats routine did not involve pull-ups! I’m not sure if I was overjoyed or wretched when we finished.

4 Supersets of:

a) Deadlifts (tough, tough, tough)

b) LF cable {free standing} seated back row (iron bar with medium grip)

Supersets of:

c) LF cable lat pulldown (close grip)

d) Plate weight bendover row

Supersets of:

e) LF cable seated low row (fatigue creeping in because it was tough doing the weight I had no problem with previously)

f) DB single arm back row (huh? Didn’t we just finished this in the previous superset???!!! And obviously it had to be a new a.k.a. weight. Great, just great.)

Supersets of:

g) Reverse pull-ups

h) LF cable tricep pressdown with iron bar (medium grip)

We rounded things up with abs crunches on the Precor Abcrunch. Who’s taking bets I’ll be crying and wailing my “back” out tomorrow? No? Didn’t think so.

It’s days like yesterday and this morning which reminds me to pay particular attention to fueling and recovery/resting. I eat as “cleanly” as possible – less junk, less fried and oily food, increasing my meal portions, upping the protein content - and rest/going to bed early on tough workout days or double workout days. Yeah maybe that’s my excuse for zzz at 10 last night. Hey, it sounds better than admitting that I’m an lame old lady. Great, I can’t believe I just posted that. Back to the topic on hand…when I fuel and rest properly, I’m less sluggish, irritable, {maybe} less sore and recover faster. Your experience on this?

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