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Angkor Wat International Half Marathon 2011 – 10km

Date: 4 December 2011

Venue: Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Distance: 10km (Garmin: 10.08km)

Timing: 49:20 (Garmin: 49:20) (perfecto!)

Pace: 4:53 min/km (Garmin)

Result: 5th (Women’s Open)

Had tons of fun at this event, especially spectating and cheering runners coming in after I finished my run. Ok, just a bit of “suffering” (oh about 50 minutes long…) during my run when I felt my heart falling out of my chest, labored breathing, the works that usually accompany exertion.

This was an out-and-back course starting at Angkor Wat passing through part of Bayon. The race started at 6:40 am, 10 minutes after the half marathoners were flagged off. The great thing about this was both categories went in opposite directions hence no congestion. Those who got there earlier were rewarded with an awesome sunrise façade – Alexis, Henry and I were slightly late (6:15 am) but the view was still gorgeous at that time.

Took the Angkor Wat pics post run on Monday


The usual weaving in the first 700 meters before everyone settled into their happy pace (or sustainable pace since this is a run). The first hydration station came up quite quickly at km1. We headed towards the South Gate – first “Angkor” structure after Angkor Wat.


Next up was Bayon – I tried to take my mind off my bursting heart with the view and the villagers along the road.

A long stretch of road with secondary jungles lining both sides. I got passed by 2 girls about 300-500 meters before the turnaround. I also saw the race leaders (men and women) on the opposite side of the road – man, they were fast!


This has always been the most difficult segment of the race for me and I kept chanting: “only 2 more miles”, “1.5 miles to go”, “1 mile”, “it’s just one loop around LG”, “hang in there for another 10 minutes”. New addition this round: “you’ve gotta burn off those Amok and rice you had for dinner last night!!!” I also received an additional boost from a local guy runner who urged me on at km8-9 – thanks! Really appreciated that. There were a lot of cheers on the home stretch as well.

Dinner pre-race


a) Well organized.

b) Limited participants due to quota which made for a comfortable run; having the half marathon and 10k events starting in the opposite direction also helped avoid any congestion. The only possible congestion was towards the last 2km or so when the routes merged.

c) There were about 3 hydration stations along the route (I think) – not sure if isotonic drinks were served here but there were definitely some at the finishing point.

d) I like the announcer! There were frequent updates when the 21km-ers (race leaders) were coming in.

e) Distance markers every km although for the 10km route, it was the reverse of the 21km (merged route). They also put markers for the 5.5km u-turn and our favourite: “Danger ahead”, “Rock course ahead”. Distance markers were similar to Phuket – white paint on the road – this makes sense since it probably won’t go missing or blown away like signboards.

f) Time chipped! Race results and pics were out within 3 days.


a) No baggage deposit – not a problem for me since I don’t use bag check. Our group was lucky that Lee Lee wasn’t running (preggers! Congrats!) and could watch our bags.

b) Narrow route at the end – this wasn’t so much a problem for me since I came back fairly early but there were some weaving by the half marathoners among the 3km and 10km “walkers”.

c) The volunteers at the race bib collection and expo didn’t tell us to collect our event tee (just outside the event hall) after collecting our bibs and chips. I nearly missed this if not for my driver’s eagle eye. Thanks Heang!

d) Unlike Phuket and most of the Malaysian races, there were no post-run food/breakfast. Had expected otherwise since the race fees was similar to Phuket and this event was put up by the same company.

Photo log:

From race expo at Prince d'Angkor Hotel

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