Thursday, December 1, 2011

adiNation Training Run – 30 November 2011


a) “Boss” Ronnie

b) Group Lead Kei Ming

c) Wern Tian

d) Vijay

e) KK

f) Chin Ann

g) Bee Hoon

h) Suresh (DH on his own)

Route: 4 laps around Lake Gardens

Distance: 4 laps * 2.3km = 9.2km (Garmin: 9.18km)

Timing: 48:14 for 5:15 min/km pace

Lap 1

Since we weren’t suicidal, Kei Ming, Chin Ann and I joined Bee Hoon when she came in (slow jog for her; in fact, her first post-op run). I think I was going at a 6 min/km pace but it was still a bit faster and somehow I found myself alone after the first km. I think 6 min/km pace is about the slowest I can do – I can’t seem to go any slower than that and even at 6, the legs just can’t help themselves and will always pick up the pace. Do you know how difficult it is to dial it back????!!!! Which is why I’m amazed at how people like Kei Ming, Kenny and Aron can switch back and forth on paces to suit the training groups they’re in.

Lap 2

Kept it steady and comfortable and paced off a Malay chap. I toyed with the idea of increasing the pace but the thought of another 2 blistering laps negative splits) and as it was my second workout for the day as well as the possibility of a double workout today made sure it remained an idea.

Laps 3 & 4

Went at a faster, much faster clip nothing heart popping out effort and was surprised to see the final results! A sub-50! Having held back in the initial laps, I thought it would be somewhere around 50-52 minutes.

Today’s Workout:

a) Cat stretches and downward dogs to warm up the spine and open the backs of the legs respectively

b) Easy cross training on the elliptical cross trainer

Oh about that double workout today…depending on how things go at the office (Decembers are winding down months for us), I’m hoping to put a short run (to shake the Gremlins out of the legs) or head to Richard’s place.

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