Friday, October 28, 2011

Double Hill – 28 October 2011

Distance: 10.83km

Timing: 57:35 for 5:19 min/km pace

Solo run which has been the theme since Aron left for Auckland and Kenny sidelined with injury. I missed my training buddies! So what does a girl do? Blasted out an email to Hooi Siah inquiring about his training schedule – figured I could at least keep up with him (and not die!!!) on his recovery runs. Next up will be the indomitable Kenny Wong and Kei Ming.

Ok, let’s get back to the run. I moved at a faster clip this morning to see if I could push it and I did it! Super duper! I usually tend to run slower when I’m alone, so today’s results came as a surprise. Nothing about this run was easy, especially the steep uphill at Bukit Tunku (km6-7) or the never ending stretch at km9/back of Jabatan Pertanian. Unfortunately this route is more uphill than downhill or was it because the uphills were so tough that the downhills felt too short? Ok, maybe I just need more training.

The 3Rs (Re-fuel, Re-hydrate, Rest) will be today’s theme instead of yesterday. I’ll probably take the day off tomorrow or do a short recovery run or swim in the morning.

BTW, Five Things Friday

1. This will be the longest stretch that I’ll be home and not away for a race. Nothing planned until December, yeah shocker! I’ve been away for most weekends that I don’t even know what an-at-home-weekend feels like or what I should do. Suggestions are welcomed!

2. A colleague made some green bean soup dessert and the container in the office pantry has been calling out to me since yesterday afternoon! I’ve resisted…so far…but that wall of resistance is…you know…

3. I’ve been going to bed early this week despite the workout cut-back which is a surprise; super tired by the time I finish dinner. Could it be the longer cardio sessions in substitution for the weight training that’s causing this? Any of you guys feel washed out on your cut-back or tapering week(s)?

4. Lots of shopping this weekend: make up, race sign-ups (maybe), air tickets and grocery (as usual). Maybe even an iPad. Yes, I’ve been talking about it forever but bear with me…pay day just came 2 days ago! There goes my pay check and we’ve not even hit November!

5. Exciting things coming up in the next 2 weekends: Vienna Boys Choir, snowflakes, sister run and Dannie & Carrie’s wedding. See, it’s not all that dull spending weekends at home.

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