Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekend Getaway

Ready for more excuses for my tardiness? Sorry guys, I've been up to my neck at work this past week and it looks like it'll be that way until we close the deal.

Anyway, I got into Jakarta about 3+ hours ago and am now doing this in my room

Yup, that's the bandaged foot (hey, that was an excellent excuse for priority boarding this afternoon!) although not the same bandage from Monday. I popped by Mr Soon's place after work yesterday for a final review before this weekend's probably-end-up-walking run.

I'm staying at Mercure Ancol; it's a bit isolated i.e. no shopping malls to trawl or restaurants for meals (apart from those at the hotel). There are a few eateries next to the hotel - stalls by Pantai Indah Ancol and A&W - but most of them were closed when I took a walk after checking in. Then again, if they were opened, I wouldn't have scored this awesome meal - 25% of Mercure's banana bread. Yup, it was good - banana + choc as the filling.

On way to my short extremely short walkabout, I picked up my race bib. Here are some pics at the bib pickup. Sorry blurry pics ahead...consider yourself warned!

I'll try to finish up the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2011 recap tomorrow. In the meantime, time to lay back and relax.

Later! (Sorry, plagarising Pui San's signature)

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