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Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2011 – 10km

Date: 26 June 2011

Venue: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Distance: 10km (Garmin: 9.82km because the GPS tagged on late; the guide book sais 10.6km)

Chip Timing:

Garmin Timing: 52:40 minutes or 4:58 min/km for 10.6km

Result: 4th placing (Women) (Results here)

This year the “fun” run categories started at the intersection to Lake Gardens instead of the usual Dataran merdeka although the route was pretty much the same – down Jalan Damansara, through Brickfields, along federal Highway heading towards the KTM Railway Station and National Mosque before taking on the hills of Bird Park/Lake Gardens. After that we looped into Jalan Parlimen and turned right into Jalan Raja Laut with the u-turn into the home stretch at Pertama Complex.


I was lucky to be able to come in from the front (courtesy of Mr Susan Khoo) instead of weaving my way through the crowd – don’t judge! This is a fun run and there are a lot of casual runners out there. I had a chat with Mrs Moey before heading to the other side of the pit barricade because of the blaring speaker and stage. It was here I met Casey and Suresh – surprise, surprise! They were sitting out on the longer distances due to injury but their slower pace is still way too speedy for me. There was a slight drizzle for 2 minutes but as we started early (7 am), I had no problems with the temps.

The Garmin tagged on late – probably about 800m or so because by the time the beep came, it was close to km2. I missed the first km marker; I was surprised that km2 came up quick since I felt a lot more comfortable than I usually am during races. It was a slight downslope as we made our way through Jalan Parlimen with an upslope towards Jalan Damansara, KL Hilton and Le Meridien.

Km 3

We ran past KL Sentral to Brickfields before making a loop to the Federal Highway. It was also here I spotted Sylvia who was slightly ahead but then she started slowing down and walking; I asked her if she was ok when I ran past; she said she was ok and started running again.


This was the stretch of Federal Highway with the first hydration and porta potties. Flattish with some headwinds; thank goodness it was Sunday and the traffic was light (no road closure!).


There was a slight climb as we plowed our way to the KTM Railway Station and the National Mosque. Arr…also the start of the hill climb at Bird Park.


Well, hello slopes! I bumped into Cynthia Childress here. Yup, another surprise because I know her favourite distance is the half-mary; apparently she had just flew in from the US the night before and is adjusting to the time difference. Plus she had completed a 10-miler in Tennessee last weekend. Next surprise – she was walking up the slopes! I was wondering if I was hallucinating – second walker! Lisa is naturally a faster runner but I guess the time difference and travelling took a toll on her because I found myself overtaking her here. Suresh was about 100m ahead and I kept him in sight for the remainder of the race, not that I managed to narrow the distance.


The downslope getting out of Lake Gardens to Jalan Parlimen. I sped up here – average pace was under 5 min/km vs to 5:05 min/km along Federal Highway and 5:15 min/km at the Bird Park.


The out-and-back along Jalan Raja Laut and Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman and for once in 3 years, the dreaded-so-near-yet-so-far Dataran Merdeka did not hound me! Khoo YK came up behind me on the home stretch after Kamdar and gave me a shout out - definitely a shout out booster. Soon it was all over.

I walked down to Jalan Sultan Ismail after collecting my post race bag to wait for SW and HTN; spotted more than a few familiar faces in the half-mary: Bee Hoon, Michelle, Adam etc. SW and HTN came on scene around 8:15 am and I ran with them on the home stretch – they did awesome! Personal bests! It feels so good to pace someone and help them complete the journey.

The legs felt fine for the rest of the day – some minor soreness on the hammies but not something to go mall-ing and walking about in! We refueled at Ben’s in Pavillion KL in the evening – a sort of post half-mary and early birthday celebration for HTN. Oh yeah, that may also have included this


a) Well-organized event; Rainer and his team did a wonderful job – part of this is probably attributed to engaging with runners (e.g. Julie, Choi, PT etc).

b) Having the option of courier delivery of the race packs saved me the trouble going to I-dunno-how-to-get-to Bukit Jalil.

c) Well marked distance markers every km; they were pretty accurate too although I started my Garmin late.

d) Hydration points every 2km after 4km (I think) and these points carried water and 100Plus. The tables, especially the one along Federal Highway looked long enough to avoid overcrowding.

e) Cool finisher’s medal design.

f) Planned traffic flow at the finishing point – timing mat, you get a water bottle, you get directed to your respective race category walk-thru tent to collect the post race bag.

g) Special arrangements with Rapid KL for the early start of the train services.

h) Good traffic control by the traffic police and marshals and I thank most of them when I ran by.


a) Nothing much of a swag or the post run bag. In the swag, New Balance running vest, timing chip and muscle rub (not in pic); the post run bag had a can of 100Plus (I found out later that you can take a pic with the 100Plus logo and upload it electronically – cool, eh?), finisher’s medal and a banana. Oh yeah, let’s not forget the fugly green running vest.

b) No post run grub; I wonder if I’ve been spoiled by the previous few runs’ breakfast menu and am expecting the same here?

c) Partial road closure although the marshals and traffic police kept the motorists at bay when I ran thru the intersections; on the whole, it was OK for me although I did hear of a few runners and friends having to contend with whizzing-past-motorists.

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