Friday, June 17, 2011

Five for Friday

1. It has been a super elfing busy morning at work. What a way to end the workweek, huh?

2. SW and I are planning for a surprise birthday cake for HTN next weekend. Don’t worry, I doubt he (or anyone else) trolls or reads my blog. What cake should I get: double chocolate fudge, Tiramisu, Blackforest? Any other flavours? Come on guys, ideas, ideas, ideas!

3. I started the day with 5 rounds of MP for the Buteyko. Yeah, I am hoping to do a series of 5 today. Hope, plan etc does not necessarily translate into reality knowing me!

4. Yoga practice with Richard this weekend – for sure! It has been a while since I attended the Saturday class (in favour of to-my-mind-the-less-strenuous one on Sunday).

5. Functional Friday

Supersets of:

a) Combo of DB single arm overhead shoulder press and static lunges

b) TRX for squats – high knee, sideways back (or whatever you call that)

c) Push-ups on 2 Bosu balls (not too bad…I actually managed to keep myself up)

d) Technogym cable dual handle lat pull-down

Supersets of:

e) TRX back pull-up (close grip)

f) Rear delt with resistance band (coz the TRX didn’t work for moi)

g) TRX for hamstrings

h) TRX for atomic

i) BB bicep curl (yup, the TRX didn’t work on this either)

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