Sunday, April 3, 2011

LSD - 2 April 2011

Distance: 19.24km (Garmin: 18.07km)

Timing: 1:44 (Garmin: 1:38:56 for 5:29 min/km pace; added 6 min for the "missing" first km)
a) Kei Ming
b) Suresh

The Garmin could not log on until about a km into the run and since I did not want to hold everyone back, we started once Kei Ming's 405 located the satellite. Wow! 5:34 min/km for the first km - way too fast and we had another 18km to go! I don't think anyone had the intention of pushing the pace but the legs ruled the day. I was able to keep up with the guys for the first half i.e. 20 steps back  but the second half was a total washout in this respect. The 20m back soon became 50m which eventually turned into them fading into the horizon. After a km into the second half, I told myself to let it go - there really is no point killing yourself and besides I was already going faster than I have ever been. Lots of runners spotted on the way back (they were heading to Hartamas; we started just before 6am) - Malcalm Chew, Bee Hoon, Choi, Lawrence etc. The legs held steady at the last km (this is my acid test - the last km is usually the toughest for me, mentally and physically; giving up + calf cramps) and the pace while slow was still decent (5:41 min/km). Kei Ming and Suresh came home to the roost about 2 minutes earlier - a Personal "Breast" (Boss's quip!); Suresh even had the cheek to comment that he missed the chit chats that usually accompany LSDs. Bah! I would happy chit-chat if only I could keep up! LOL! All in, everyone was happy to have re-drawn the boundaries and moved the goal post a tad further back.

I hung around in the compression tights for most of yesterday - I still do not think they work, not even psychologically - I am wearing them to get the buck out of the bazillions of $$$ I forked out for them! LOL!

As usual, I was ravenous for the rest of day and made sure I re-fueled at all meal times. Heck, I even extended it to today. Time for ice cream - good stuff in this kinda weather. Plus I missed my ice kacang dessert last night!

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