Friday, April 1, 2011

Five Things Friday

1. Just one more day… to the weekend! Yippee waa waa! Here is to hoping for an end to the nightmarish week. What are everyone’s plans? I have meet ups with Sharon and Shearley tomorrow and then the rest of the weekend to myself. Kei Ming, KK and Fong did asked me to join them for the Jungle Trail Run with the Orang Asli but muddy fields, springs and rivers ain’t my cup of tea…for the moment. Recall the FTAAA Cross Country Run 2011?

2. It has been about 2 weeks since I started my mornings with sun salutations – either A or B or both. Depending on how much time I have between finishing my Buteyko and leaving the house, I can fit in as little as 3 sun salutations B or 5 sun salutations A + 2 sun salutations B. I am using these to stretch my muscles before my run/workout rather than as a cardio session, so the pace is uber slow.

3. I was ravenous for most of yesterday which I’m attributing to Wednesday’s run. This was odd since this does not usually happen on shorter runs (anything below 15K), at least for me. It could be the combination of running on consecutive days. Oh well, I tried refueling as best as I could and will continue today. Speaking of which, I had a chat with Oceanos yesterday afternoon and he recommended I add milk and a banana to my protein shakes. Nothing wrong with that…except I will not be able to finish the concoction – too filling for moi!

4. The client is so “cute”! KL was telling me (over bazillions of email exchanges!) yesterday that they would like to offer us tickets to Maroon5’s concert in place of an advert in The Edge or The Star! The tix cost about RM500 a piece but they or one of their sister companies are able to get them at a discount. It is either this or Michael Learns To Rock (MLTR). I was talking to Michael this morning and he thinks MLTR would be a better option – older, more established band – but we did agree on one point: we are all for music but standing or squeezing during a concert is not that “hot”. Oh well, I may be able to escape since the Maroon5 concert is scheduled for the long Labour Day weekend. Oh yeah, can you guys imagine Uncle Kwan gyrating during a Maroon5 concert? LOL!

5. Functional Friday at the gym today:

Supersets of:

a) TRX back pull-ups

b) TRX chest press (although Michael calls it push-ups)

c) DB chest fly

d) Kettle bell L-shape back row

Supersets of:

e) Combo of BB squats, walking lunges + knee high, overhead shoulder press

f) Alternate jumping lunges

g) Jumping jacks/squats

Supersets of:

h) Standing BB bicep curl

i) Technogym cable tricep pressdown

j) Abs crunches on fit ball

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