Monday, March 7, 2011

The weekend that was…

A couple of things (some of which will probably be “dumped” into another post a.k.a. long/full story or run review):

1. The wireless modem in the house “kaput-ed” during the thunderstorm on Wednesday night/Thursday morning, which explains the lack of presence in FB, blogsphere, chats, SgR, SgF etc. Fingers crossed, Uncle Peter will get around to fixing it this weekend; who knows, we may even subscribe for Unifi.

2. The race report for Detroit Runner’s Virtual 5K (which was supposed to have been posted over weekend) is now moved to tomorrow because of nummer eins above. So is the post about last weekend’s Terra Plana shopping.

3. Kenny and I ran a very easy 9.5km on Saturday morning; half the original distance since his ankle was bothering him.

4. I joined the inaugural adiNation Breakfast Run 2011 yesterday and came home with 16.6km (5 laps of 3.3km). It was good enough to snag a podium finish and an Adidas mi coach. I probably should have gone for another lap to make up for Saturday’s missed LSD but after the third lap, I was mentally switched off. That and the feeling of oncoming cramps on the shins. Oh yeah, attempting the walk from Mid Valley to Gardens post race is so not the thing to do! I was literally a dead man walking – it wasn’t really the legs giving up but the feeling of every ounce of energy lost/gone from every limb. LOL!

5. I landed awkwardly on a jump during Richard’s class on Saturday and stubbed the little toe and possibly sprained it but it has not really bothered me too much. My acid test was yesterday’s run (see nummer vier above) though I did make my way to Mr Soon’s practice yesterday evening for an excruciating massage to release the pooling of the blood under the skin a.k.a. bruised/blue-black.

6. Michael loaded up the weights this morning (yeah, when does not he, huh?) and I was so glad when we finished!

Supersets of:

a) Technogym lat pull down

b) Cybex upper back row

Supersets of:

c) Freemotion dual cable cross chest press

d) Raised push ups

Supersets of:

e) Freemotion dual cable cross bend over back row

f) Technogym cable back row with iron bar

Supersets of:

g) Cybex eagle chest press

h) Nautilus chest fly

Single sets of:

i) LF cable tricep press downs with iron bar

j) Abs crunches on medicine ball

k) Technogym lat pull down

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