Saturday, March 19, 2011

Seputeh-Desa Waterpark Run – 19 March 2011

Distance: 10.19km
Timing: 53:54 min for 5:17 min/km pace

Since Kenny had run the usual 10km hill yesterday evening and his ankle was still bugging him, we took the flattish 10km route this morning which suited me fine after yesterday's TRX traning. 10km done and dusted before 7am to boot! LOL!

We started at 6am as Kenny had an early morning appointment. Oh boy, for an ankle-handicap runner, he sure was fast! The first km was over in 5:44 min and we shaved another 40 seconds in the second km. He just kept on pushing and pushing and it looked like my idea of an easy and slow jog went up in the air. Km8 and 9 were tough since we were running into headwinds along the highway and my right hip flexors were naggy but those are just about the difficult miles this morning.

Back home by 7:30am for a nice hot shower and breakfast. The rest of the day will be spent in my compression tights comatose/prone position! My hip flexors are definitely not happy!

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