Friday, March 18, 2011

Five Things Friday

1. We still have not been wired and hence the lack of FB-ing and surfing post office hours. Apparently Uncle Peter was sold the wrong modem; so he will try to exchange the plug in modem with a wireless one this weekend. Fingers crossed (oh well, legs too to make it doubly potent!)!

2. Here is hoping I could put in a run tomorrow morning. Any distance. Any running mate(s). This week’s mileage is super pathetic – 5km at the Bareno Run 2011 and 6 sets of hill intervals on Wednesday evening. Aron just texted – they are planning to do 30km tomorrow and I am not suicidal…so maybe do the first 10km and then close shop. Alternatively, head down at 6:30 am and cover the final 20km with them. Naturally presuming I do wake up early enough.

3. Lf Wendy is in town this weekend and I am hoping we can meet up. She will be playing photographer at the Putrajaya Balloon Fest. BTW, she is an excellent photographer. Our last lunch in Ampang (ages ago!) was oh so good but do not ask me for directions coz like David, I am pretty much a “direction moron”.

4. I will need to buzz (or rather bug) Krishnan (of Adidas) for the USB plug for the mi coach Adidas I received at the adiNation Breakfast Run 2011. Was it pure bad luck or intentional that the USB plug (and the discount voucher in the goodie bag) so happened to be missing???!!!

5. It was some TRX training mixed with cables during this morning’s session.

TRX training with supersets of:

a) Combo of single leg lunges/hi knee with DB overhead shoulder press (the balancing was and is a major problem! And so, we had to settle for a 5lb DB – not good at all since it did nothing for my shoulders. I could feel my glutes working even though on paper, this seemed easy peasy; there is just something about TRX I tell ya!)

b) Atomic

c) Push-ups (shoulders were starting to ache here)

d) Reverse bicycle (shoulders gave up after rep 15 or so)

e) Chin-ups on True Stretch (somehow this was preferable to (d) above. I must be delirious! LOL!)

Resistance band for the first 2 sets before switching to Technogym cable for the last coz I felt no nothing, supersets of:

f) Combo of squats and reverse fly (the latter was “un-do-able” for moi)

g) Jumping squats while holding the band/cable (quads “died-ed” at rep 17. It must be Wednesday’s hill intervals and the earlier TRX workouts)

h) Bend over back row (this was the one that failed with the resistance band)

Supersets of:

i) BB French press (triceps are so much stronger than the puny biceps)

j) BB bicep curl

k) Leg raises

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