Wednesday, March 30, 2011

LSD – 26 March 2011

Distance: 19.24km

Timing: 1:49:05 for 5:40 min/km pace

I forced persuaded Kei Ming to do an LSD on Saturday instead of joining Ronnie’s planned Sunday LSD since my parents were going to be around and there was no way we could start at 6:30 am and finish before 8 am. And running FASTER is NOT an option! Kei Ming threw about 2 ideas – we can start at 5 am and be done by 7:15 am or do it on Saturday. You can be sure which option I selected.

We (Kei Ming, Chen Kwok and I) started just after 6 am and spent about 5km yippity yakkering. Kenny was supposed to have joined us but he was late and Kei Ming wanted to get an early start. We covered the first half (about 9.68km) in 56 odd minutes, faster than our usual pace – CK commented that he usually takes about an hour to get to Petronas. Then again, everyone was comfortable with the pace and after a swig of Revive (shared among the three of us), we headed back. Naturally the second half was at an even faster pace since it was practically down hills all the way except for the pimples at Bukit Tunku-Lebuhraya Mahameru connecting bridge. In KM’s words: this is my seasonal best timing!

Chen Kwok and I got talking after the run and found we shared a “cramp similarity” – it hits about 2 km to the finish or starts signaling. He gets his on the quads while my problem is the calf. Thank goodness, the cramp gremlins stayed away on Saturday. It was probably due to either one or a combination of these: my body getting used to the load (still not there yet but close), refueling with isotonics at the halfway mark or hydrating well throughout the week. Or it could simply be due to the super “healthy and salty” junk food a.k.a. crisps I munched on during lunch on Friday! LOL! Fabulous excuse to nom nom nom on the crisps, don’t you agree?

We have made plans for another LSD this weekend and I gathered that Ronnie will also be joining in the “fun”. Well unless we are suicidal, we will let Ronnie speed past us. Fauzan not included since he’s the one who was super excited to run alongside Shaharuddin notwithstanding bursting his heart out in the process and managing only half the distance.

Post race: ravenous appetite like awfully hungry after 2-3 hours from a meal. Even up to Monday afternoon.

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