Monday, February 7, 2011

MAS: KL > Miri

I had an enjoyable trip to Miri over CNY, seamless I must add. I did the web check-in and did a bag drop for KM’s baby chair; on the return flight, it was a zoom through into the departure lounge and immigration counter. Yes, while Sarawak is technically part of Malaysia, they retain certain autonomy and flexibility in certain areas (KM and Ee Lin as with any other Peninsular-ians require work permits). The web check in is a gem because it meant I only needed to be there just prior to boarding. Even cooler is flashing the Blackberry email/e-boarding pass with the bar code against the boarding machine – paperless!

I had a bit of a “special” treatment on board – the crew addressed me by name. Oh only because I pre-ordered vegan meals and they had to make a note to bring that for me, not because I am famous (!) or being difficult (!!) or anything. On that note, I think I might switch my meal plan for the Hong Kong trip from “vegan” to “Asian vegetarian” because I found the former a tad too bland and boring. I have had the latter on previous trips and they were good to go with curries, samosas etc (for airline standards).

Here are some of the meals.

Photo log from KL>Miri sector: Seared tomatoes, baked potatoes, button mushrooms and blanched peas and French beans with raisins. This meal, ok, the baked potatoes (since that was all I had) was passable especially since the edges were slightly burnt and there were some tomato sauce (underneath that pile of veg!) to go with it.

Photo log from Miri>KL sector. Rice with blanched assorted veggies with a Kit Kat for dessert. I skipped this meal entirely – it did not even look “passable” and the Kit Kat had milk as one of its ingredients. Oh, I am sure it was perfectly edible but it is so not moi! What did I end up having for lunch? Some crackers and crisps I stashed in my bag.

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