Saturday, February 12, 2011


I worked out the day before a run! Extraordinary! Out of place! Indeed!!! I have always had this unofficial "policy" of sorts to rest the day before a run (yes, skipping yoga at times). Looks like this rule of thumb will be thrown out of the window is on its way out. Here's my rationale (now, that's a relative term and you may not agree!): I have absolutely no qualms or hesitation about working out the day before a training run (including a long run), so why am I strapping myself to the couch (almost literally! LOL!) on day before a run? Naturally, this workout or run has to be super easy, peasy and slow.

That's what I did this morning! Kenny and I ran 4 laps around the Bukit Jalil park (a new route for me). So 10.69km completed in just over an hour, bringing the average pace to under 6 min/km. Now wouldn't you say I definitely didn't push it!

Kenny was so sweet and bought me "tau foo fa" and I also spent some time getting to know the Bukik Jalil running group. Good vibes all around. Oh yes, there was also a car boot stall selling organic fruits and veggies - note to self: must definitely browse and get some the next time I'm there!

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