Friday, February 25, 2011


Utter failure. Today was one of those days where your body gives up and all you can do is rest, rest, rest and refuel, refuel and refuel. I did not realize how punishing my workouts and runs have been this week until we started on the legs portion of this morning’s session. Mind you, the first half (up to the hamstrings and hip flexor abductor / adductor) went by well when Michael put me through the paces. We worked on TRX interspersed with workouts on the resistance bands and kettle bells (will indicate below if it is not TRX).

Supersets of:

a) Pull-ups for back rows

b) Chin-ups on True Stretch

c) Push-ups / chest press

d) Rear delt row with resistance band

Supersets of:

e) Kettle bell combo of squats and clean-and-jerk

f) Single leg lunges and high kick

Supersets of (this was the failed set! My calves cramped up and I could not keep my hips up despite all my might!):

g) Hamstrings curl

h) Hip abductor / adductor

Supersets of:

i) Atomic

j) Bicycle

k) Planks (just a bit since my shoulders were fatigued)

I had hoped for a tough workout but I guess God had other plans. Maybe it is His signal to me to rest, relax and refuel – I did not realize how grueling my schedule has been until I re-read my posts. Here is a brief recap:

• Sunday: Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2011 (10km challenge) where I PR-ed, cross training on the elliptical and trolling the streets of Hong Kong

• Monday: Cross training on the elliptical and more trolling

• Tuesday: Weight training (I was still sore yesterday from this session)

• Wednesday: Weight training and tempo run where I PR-ed (I think)

• Thursday: Hill run

I am so ready for this weekend – easy NTUC run (my choice!), Diane working out the kinks in my muscles and shopping!

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