Friday, January 21, 2011

Exhaustion, Back & Chest Day, Misc

Tuesday’s run coupled with Wednesday’s double workout left me so sore and achy – aching glutes, hamstrings, abs and whatever muscle there was on the foot. Tag on the painful sprained ligament/tendon on the left foot, I was floored when I woke up yesterday (literally! LOL!) and this morning (I must add!). I even had to scrap plans for yoga and spent the day housebound (thank goodness it was a public holiday!).

With the longer distances I am covering these days and Michael’s intense training, I have to re-look at my recovery program.

• Firstly, refueling immediately after a long run or workout regardless of hunger (or lack of) and appetite levels.

• Secondly, increasing my meal portions (again, regardless of hunger and appetite levels).

• Thirdly, rest, rest and rest. Yesterday’s 2-hour nap was pure bliss. Since I will not have the luxury of this (yes, unfortunately I have a day job and am not a professional athlete), I will need to make sure I get to bed earlier during the workweek and nap my way through the weekend. (I can feel YM’s eyes’ rolling on reading this/hearing about it)

I dialed it back on the warm-up and cool-down cardio sessions this morning as my glutes and hamstrings were still achy. Yeah two full days and I am still nursing them. Sigh. Oh well, it means Michael’s training is effective. Make that s.u.p.e.r. E.F.F.E.C.T.I.V.E. With that, we put in a fairly full and intense back-and-chest workout:

Supersets of:

a) LF assisted pull-ups

b) Nautilus low back row

Supersets of:

c) LF free-standing dips

d) Nautilus chest press

Supersets of:

e) Technogym cable bend over back row with iron bar

f) DB bend over frontal raise

Supersets of:

g) Technogym cable chest fly

h) Nautilus incline chest press

Supersets of:

i) Abs on wheels (wheelie! I am not rolling all over the place or at least the roll line is marginally straight!)

j) TRX training pullover (need to work on keeping my entire body in a straight line while falling forward and back)

This weekend might include some shopping fest and running errands, if I do not procrastinate. Some of the items on the bucket list include:

• KM’s baby chair from IKEA

• Mom and HTN’s CNY gifts - yeah I cannot believe I got the rest out of the way so early too!)

• Complete my CNY assemble – just the footwear, I think

• Race pack pick up – this is still iffy for me given the refused-to-get-well left foot

• Another pain gutting and excruciating session with Mr Soon – I am planning on doing this on Saturday evening and reevaluate how the foot feels the next morning

• Naps!

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