Friday, January 21, 2011

adiNation Training Run – 19 January 2011


a) “Group Lead” Kei Ming

b) Suresh

c) Bee Hoon

d) KK Yum

e) Lai

f) Vijay

Distance: Inter-State route a.k.a. loop around Tijani Bukit Persekutuan and Bangsar (probably around 11.38km; my Garmin only located the satellite after ~2km)

Timing: 57:05 min (9.38km) for 6:04 min/km pace

This run was “wrong” or “bad” [insert whatever synonyms you prefer here] on all accounts:

a) I was hurting from the word “Go” – the ligament/tendon sprain on the left foot was nagging almost to the point of pain which resulted in the overcompensation by the heels and ankles. I was close to tears and begging to stop in the last 3km and felt like chopping off the ankles (on both feet!).

b) Given (a), my pace was slow and it was frustrating because I could not feel myself moving forward.

c) Given (a) and (b), Lai and I got separated from Bee Hoon, Suresh and Vijay at the 6km mark and were hopeless lost. We ran an extra km/loop around Jalan Negeri Sembilan Selatan. This was also where the flood gates/tearing threatened to open.

d) We eventually met up with them and the group got lost trying to navigate a new return route (second time for Lai and myself!!!!). When we eventually came out of the super hilly Jalan Selangor, Vijay, Lai and I called it quits and decided to run back to Lake Gardens; Bee Hoon and Suresh went on the “new” route. Roll call for the part of throbbing heels and ankles!

e) Given (a), (b), (c), (d) and the morning’s legs’ and TRX workouts, I was wasted, mentally and physically. It took 2 nights’ of sleep (Wednesday and last night) and a 2+ hour nap (it was a public holiday here) to recoup 50% of my strength. I am planning to skip any form of cardio tomorrow as well.

f) I ran sockless in the VFF KSO (on the pretext of having a better feel/grip of the ground) and end up paying for this deed with a blood blister on the bunion and a burst blister+scrapping on the arch of the right foot.

So so so very wrong.

On hindsight, Kei Ming and KK did the right thing and came back after 8km. LOL!

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