Thursday, December 9, 2010

adiNation Training Run – 1 December 2010 and 8 December 2010

1 December 2010


a) “Group Lead” Kei Ming

b) Aron

c) Wern Tian

d) Fauzan

e) Lai

Distance: 3 laps * 2.8km but I did another baby lap of 2.3km = 10.7km (Garmin: 10.51km)

Timing: 55:42 min for 5:17 min/km pace

I realized I forgot to put out last week’s training recap when I got into the office yesterday – sorry guys, I was away for a conference on Thursday/Friday and then Singapore over the weekend. Anyway, we ran the outer loop a.k.a. Carcosa loop i.e. super steep and hilly lap last week. We scrapped the initial idea of doing four laps since the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2010 (SCMS) was around the corner – no point, injuring or killing yourself days before the race. Wern Tian and Fauzan were super enthusiastic and were egging each other; Kei Ming, Aron and me left them to be. Kei Ming had always warned Fauzan about starting out too fast to peter out after 4km – heck, the guy had been skipping the final lap for the past few times! Yup, he did it again…dropped out after the second lap.

Unfortunately for me (or maybe fortunately…read on), I could only manage to hold on to Kei Ming and Aron’s tails for 1.5 laps. Lai joined us in the second lap and commented that we were going too fast – like I didn’t know that!!!! My heart and muscles were killing me just trying to keep Kei Ming in sight! I was so thankful after crossing the third hill; I was also mentally checking if I could possibly do a baby lap or at least make it to the 9km mark. I ran past the guys at the finishing point and Wern Tian joined me shortly for the final lap – thanks Wern Tian. I was super stoked at my pace – 5:17 min/km!!!! That’s just what I need heading into the SCMS.

8 December 2010


a) Sue

Distance: 3 laps + a bit more to make it 7km

Timing: 36:25 min for 5:12 min/km pace

I was the lonesome ranger pounding Lake Gardens yesterday; Kei Ming had a meeting; Aron and Lai were still or on the way back from Singapore. The heavy downpour at 4pm did not helped too. Anyway, it was going to be a short 2-lap recovery run with no pressure on timing after the SCMS and the morning’s concentrated leg workout. Guess what…the drizzle in lap 1 turned into a rain soaked lap 2 and I had to speedy up. The splits (I am still over the moon on this) were 5:00-5:01 min/km in lap 2 and 5:08-5:09 min/km in lap 3. Talk about recovery! Awesome! The hip was nagging me on lap 3 and as the rain turned into a drizzle, I slowed down a tad. I put on the 2XU compression shorts after my shower and slept in them last night so the legs held up steady this morning.

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