Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Weekend Runs

I did two short runs over weekend with the KSOs and it went great. Two laps around Lake Gardens in just 24 minutes plus. I will need to increase the mileage on the KSOs soon as I am planning to make it the workhorse while the Bikilas will be reserved for races – just like how I did it with the NB966 and NB905. VFFs take a bit longer to “break in” and I will need to be careful on increasing the mileage. Case in point: it took me nearly 2.5 months to hit 4 laps or 9.2km on the Bikilas. It looks like I will not be doing the LSDs anytime soon with these fellas.

Running in the KSOs are definitely tougher than the Bikilas because (1) the soles are thinner (4mm vs 7mm); (2) less comfortable interiors – my right big toe was rubbing against the innings and throughout the runs, I was anticipating blisters (they didn’t show up! Yay!). I think I have been hitting or landing on the forefoot more with the KSOs as I am seeing some calluses under balls under my toes. I guess Shelly will not be too happy when she sees them the next time I go in for a pedicure! There is still a lot to be done but I am pretty pleased with my running form and the progress we have made to date.

It rained overnight which made the runs so much more pleasant but more importantly, I told myself to relax and just run without the added pressure of worrying about the timing. If last year’s crowd is anything to go by, I will probably need to do the same thing during this weekend’s Run for Hope.

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