Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Morning Routine

I have more or less settled into a routine before heading to the gym. I wake up just before 4:30 am and spend about 45 minutes of quiet time with a java and running through the previous day’s Life & Times of the papers while doing mini CPs (Buteyko). The mini CPs leads onto the full-blown Buteyko. Getting the Buteyko out of the way meant I did not have to worry (and be worked up throughout the day) about getting home in time to do it before dinner. If I am away or have a run over the weekend, I try to include an extra repetition of the MP during the days leading up that to make up for the missing day. So far so good.

Then it is on to getting ready to head out but before that, settling down for a 10-minute meditation with one of Oceanus’ Magikal Custom Blend Oil. The Coyote Empowerment Oil is the choice for workdays while the Love & Lust Oil is reserved for weekends.

These quiet moments every morning is very calming and sets me up to tackle a full day schedule including Michael’s tough sessions and the “elfin ^&*)%#@” deal. Yes, I will rant if I want to.

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