Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fantabulous Weekend

I spent the past weekend in Singapore and it was fantastic as usual. Nic (a client) commented that I would probably enjoy living there compared to Kuala Lumpur and I could not help but agree. This is of course a pipe dream for the moment. I got into town on Saturday morning and headed to Toa Payoh to pick up my race bib from Alan “Spaceman” Tan. He is a gem by the way – registered and collected the bibs for the mass-registered runners) – I decided to meet him instead of putting my things down first because I was not sure if sloth would creep in and I would get too lazy to head out after that. Then it was on to Subway to pick up a veggie patty wrap for dinner – told you I can be a sloth! All done before lunch!

I did not realize how tired I was until I discovered that it was 2 hours since I hit the sack after lunch. This was not everything because I even went to bed at 9:30 that night and did not get up till the alarm came on at 5:15 on Sunday (race day!).

My modus operandi for Singapore weekends always includes a session with Diane and she has never failed me. In fact, I think this last session was my best ever since I had no DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness). Yipee!!! I had more or less set myself up for shin splints as they were burning during the run. After the massage I headed into Raffles City to pick up a couple of things and dinner (Subway again) and spent Sunday night with my feet up.

Earlier in the day I had toyed with the idea of trying out the Bikram class at Raffles City but at $43 for a drop in, it was way too expensive for me. It would have been excellent to stretch out those muscles after the run as Richard had once pointed out to me. I don’t think there are any Bikram or Hot Yoga classes on offer here or am I mistaken?

Food, rest and massage – recipes for an absolutely fantabulous weekend indeed!

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