Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tallying it up

I have running quite a fair bit in the past few months vis-à-vis over the same period last year. Then again, I had only started running actively towards the end of 2008; so 2009 was a ramp up year. I am keeping to distances of 10km and below – my promise to myself: unless I can wing a consistent sub-50 minutes on a 10km, no deal on upping the distance. It doesn’t make sense to run “badly” neither here nor there; yes, I know that I may not be able to run a sub-50 ever and I am setting myself up for dejection and taking out the fun in running…but that is just me! Some of you may have goals e.g. completing a marathon etc; mine is sub-ing 50 and dare I hope sub-45?

Some of this year’s races


1. New Balance-Pacesetters 30K – 10km

2. Run for My Lunch – 6km

3. Putrajaya Night Race – 7.7km


4. Federal Territory City Day – 7km


5. North East Run – 5km

6. Energizer Cyberjaya Marathon – 10km


7. Dow Live for Water – 6km


8. Adidas Sundown Marathon – 10km


9. Setia Eco Half Marathon – 5km

10. Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon – 10km


11. Race Against Cancer – 7.5km

12. Muzium Telekom – 7km (billed as 10km!)

13. Singapore Shape Run – 10km


14. Bursa Malaysia-Edge Rat Race – 4.5km

15. Cari Runners Merdeka Run – 5km


16. Yellow Ribbon Prison Run – 6km

17. Army Half Marathon – 10km

18. Stamford College Running for a Cause – 7.5km

Some of these were ”Fun Runs” while the rest were competitive events but all in, good fun. There was a hiatus in April/May when I fractured my metatarsal but 18 events so far do not seem like a bad tally for the year. The events in Singapore tend to time-chipped (yes, even for Fun Runs) while those here were hand-timed minus for the few odd ones. A few of the local events were last minute decisions. Some events were better organized than others.

The best bit of each and every race is the get-together after the run where congratulatory pats-on-the-back were given, horse trading, jibes etc. After that would be the anticipation of race results, photos and race reports.

There are a couple of events in the last quarter of the year – New Balance Real Run, Great Eastern Women’s 10K, Run for Hope and Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon – which I am registered for. There may be a few small local events that will pop up now and again and depending on my schedule (and more importantly, knowing how to get to the race site!!!), will be on my radar screen.

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