Thursday, August 5, 2010

adiNation Training Run – 4 August 2010 and Bursa-The Edge Rat Race 2010 results


a) “Group Lead” Kei Ming

b) Vijay

Distance: 6.5km (6.4km on the Garmin) or 8.8km (8.68km on the Garmin)

Timing: 54:42 min for 6.18 min/km pace

Instead of the usual four laps around the lake, Kei Ming and I opted for the wider 6.5km loop which took us to Planetarium via the Deer Park. It was a recovery run for us – Kei Ming from Sunday’s Muar Half Marathon 2010 and me from the previous day’s Bursa-The Edge Rat Race 2010 (Rat Race). Plus Kei Ming was nursing a cold. We took it slow – not that there was much choice since the route was a hill climb – and were chatting about our races throughout the run. Kei Ming dropped back towards the end and finished the 6.5km in 39 minutes (?). I joined Vijay for a loop around the lake and compared notes on the Rat Race.

I am glad we did the recovery run yesterday evening – my legs feel so much better this morning and I can wear my Crocs (instead of the Birkies).

Oh yeah, before I left for yesterday’s training, I heard that the organizers had wrongly awarded the other CIMB team for the second placing in the Rat Race. Golly, if we were really the second place winners…what am I going to do with another 4 bottles of Perkinsdol muscle rub?!

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