Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Strengths on Tuesday and Race Against Cancer 2010

As I was travelling yesterday, Monday’s session was postponed to this morning, which also means it will be two consecutive days of training with Michael. It was strength training today and functional training tomorrow. Michael’s definition of strength training equals single exercises with heavy weights for four sets.

a) Cybex chest press
b) Nautilus lat pull down
c) Nautilus overhead shoulder press
d) LF leg press
e) Nautilus (or was it Cybex?) glutes
f) Bicep curl on machine
g) Hoist tricep press down
h) Reverse abs crunches on bench

I ran the 7.5km Race Against Cancer 2010 (RAC) in Pasir Ris, Singapore on Sunday. I came in at 39:27 min (Garmin FR405; 7.33km) and gun time 39:55 min – will wait for a couple of days to check the results. The entire route was in Pasir Ris Park and except for a couple of inclines up bridges, it was pancake flat – now how is it I could not have gone faster????!!!!!

a) Great organization
b) Started on the dot
c) Cool weather from the overnight rain and cloudy skies on the day itself
d) 3 water points stocked with both water and 100Plus on such a short route
e) Ice cream, Vitagen and bananas at the end point not that I took any since the first two are milk-based
f) Unique rectangle finisher’s medal
g) Easy access – 10 minute walk from Pasir Ris MRT station and they had volunteers to direct you to the park
h) Volunteers along the route especially on those dicey left or right route

a) Muddy finishing! My NB 905 lover boy is dirtied beyond recognition! I also had mud splashed up my skirt, hamstrings and calves. Small price to pay for item (c) above.

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