Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hong Kong

It was announced earlier this week that the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon (SCHKM) would be held on 20 February 2011. Apart from this bit of information, everything else will come out in October. SCHKM is another Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon in terms of popularity; in fact, discussion boards have already popped up on Facebook and SgRunners. I’m thinking of signing up for this event having read reviews, posts, discussion etc on SgRunners, hearing about it from Dannie and seeing Christina’s photos earlier this year. I checked out the flights last night – RM1,172 for MAS and RM688 for CX – guess we have a clear winner here (although I should also include Air Asia’s pricing for completeness). The only boo-boo with CX is the timing for flying in on Friday – 1325 unless I fork out an additional RM200 for the morning flight. Should I get the tickets now with no guarantee I will be able to register come October? Yiu Ming thinks on a worst-case basis, I could swap the run for a holiday.

In other news, I am set for joining Aunty Mabel and my grandparents during their annual trip during the Deepavali extended weekend. And to be sure, I’ll remember to keep all my receipts, even trivial ones, this time! I am still kicking myself for misplacing the Coach and whatnot receipts during our trip last year; else, I could have enjoyed a fully funded holiday!

I am not sure if Yiu Ming and I will be heading for our annual shopping trip at the end of the year; I did ask him about it last month but he is non-committal at this stage. I am all game for a trip with him simply because he knows the best finds for dim sum, Chinese desserts and epicure Bonheur.

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