Monday, July 19, 2010

Cable Workout

I must thank the stars for arranging this morning’s cable workout instead of one of strength or free weights. My shins are still sore from Saturday’s Fiesta Muzium Telekom 2010 (more about that later!) and yesterday’s recovery run (which turned out to be anything but a recovery run!).

Supersets of these on the Freemotion Dual Cable Cross:
a) Squats
b) Combo of single arm overhead shoulder press and static lunges
c) Bend over back row
d) Chest low-to-high lift
e) Bend over reverse fly

Supersets of:
f) LF iron bar bicep curl
g) Pushups

Supersets of:
h) LF abs crunches
i) Precor tricep press down
We should be moving back to strength training on Wednesday and Friday – should I be thankful that?

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