Friday, June 4, 2010

The weekend beckons!

The weekend beckons! I am planning to have a low-key weekend after two “tumultuous” weekends – one for my grandmother’s wake and funeral and one for the Adidas Sundown 2010. It will be quiet around the house since my grandparents, cousin and maid are back in Ipoh; which also means I’ve got to figure out my dinner. I was too lazy to cook yesterday and bought chee cheong fun, mock/gluten fish and long beans from the Taman Mayang stalls.

I do, of course, have to keep my appointment with Mr Soon on Saturday since my meds will run out by Saturday evening. I have only one more week before we hit his magical 8-week mark – one part of me is looking forward to this while another goes flop flop since it means I can no longer use my fracture as an excuse for not pushing myself.

If time permits and more importantly, if I am not too lazy, will pop into the Adidas outlet in The Gardens to check out the adizero Mana and adizero Boston. I gathered from Tobi and Kei Ming that both are racers – this works for me since I do not head above 10km. My guesstimate is RM399; extras from the RM450 voucher (from the Energizer Night Run 2010) goes to Ronnie – I wonder which pair he’s eyeing since he has the same amount as me and still needs extra!

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