Friday, June 4, 2010

adiNation Training Run - 2 June 2010 & Friday's Workout

The expected recovery run turned out to be a pretty fast paced one (at least for me!). I ran with Vijay and we completed three loops at 5:39 min/km for 38:46 minutes. The last one was especially tough since we were hitting 5:30-5:33 min/km. Anyway, it felt so good to be within reach of my previous timings.
The first set was a washed out – the body has not warmed up and going by precedent, we should have omitted the kneeling cushion on the Nautilus chin up bar.

Supersets of:
a) Chin ups
b) Lat pull down
c) Back low row

Supersets of:
d) Overhead shoulder press
e) Cybex Eagle chest press
f) Nautilus chest pec fly

Supersets of:
g) Leg press
h) Prone leg curl
i) Leg extension
j) Nautilus lower back
k) Lying down DB pull over

Concluding with some ab crunches.

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