Monday, April 26, 2010

Post Review of Fracture and Monday's Workout

Good news! Dr Ling and Soon (my Chinese physician) are both very pleased with the progress of my healing. Fingers crossed, nothing untoward happens from now on. I actually had an inkling about this when Soon did a bandage change for me on Friday - the swelling subsided like 90% and today...the foot looked like it was as with any other day.
Michael took me by surprise this morning when he skipped the legs' workout. This is definitely a first since his style is to do a total body workout; he said something about doing it on Wednesday. So it was backs, chest and triceps this morning.
We started with chin ups, assisted in fact but switched to freelance/body weight after I struggled with it on the first set. I think the knee rest is an added weight and more of a nuisance than help! The second and third sets were so much better.
Supersets of:
a) Chin-ups
b) Cable back rows
Supersets of:
c) Pulldowns
d) One arm seated back row
e) Incline chest press
Supersets of:
f) Cable combo of chest fly and press
g) Cable back to front press
Supersets of:
h) Tricep press down
g) Abs crunch

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