Thursday, March 4, 2010

Korean Beauty System

I received a couple of Korean Beauty System (KBS) vouchers, ok, a lot of vouchers (like RM750 worth) after signing up for a block of personal training with Michael. I wished Celebrity Fitness had given me the adidas vouchers instead! Just how much of personal grooming does one need! With the same value of adidas vouchers, I could have gotten myself a pair of shoes and a couple of gym tops and shorts. I gave away RM300 to my mom since the vouchers are redeemable in their outlet in Gurney Plaza and it saves me the trouble of looking for stuff to buy.

The next downside is location of the outlets where I could use them – Sungai Wang Plaza and USJ Summit (Summit) – both of which are so out of the way for me. Oh why couldn’t they have included Curve???!!!

Finally, the third downside is the time limitation for the redemption – 30 April 2010. Now you know why I gave some away.

The next mission would be to (physically) make my way to KBS Summit one of these weekends. Off the top of my head, I am planning to get these:
a) clay face mask for use once a week
b) hydrating face mask for use once or twice a week
c) ran out of ideas and have absolutely zilch clue

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