Friday, March 12, 2010

And gingerly we did it...

My right pectoral muscles is still hurting bad and it’s been a week since my pole practice!!! Any pushing, pulling or lifting motion triggers excruciating pain (ok, this is probably dramatizing it) across my right chest. Not forgetting the impact of each step I take when running. Dr Ling did cautioned that it could take a long time to heal, a fact confirmed by Michael this morning. Sigh.

With this, today’s workout was limited to lower limbs, back and shoulders. It wasn’t much of a relief since lifting the dumbbells or doing the lat pulldown was awfully difficult and painful. Hopefully we can restart the chest workouts next week. I wonder if Diane (I’m having a session with her on Sunday) can work magic.

Supersets of:
a) Hack squat
b) Plate loaded leg press
c) Alternating static lunges and walking lunges with a squat at the end; walking lunges on return journey
d) Calf raises

Supersets of:
e) Close grip lat pulldown
f) 45 degree back pull back
g) Cable standing low row

Supersets of:
h) DB shoulder press
i) DB lateral raise
j) Abs – decline with weight ball on chest

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