Thursday, March 11, 2010

adiNation Training Run - 10 March 2010

The guys went dodo crazy and jetsetted off on the word “Go” yesterday! Kei Ming was trying out the mi-Adidas and was all excited about trying out the new gadget. That and trying for a personal best. He finished the first lap in 10 minutes and the second in 11 minutes; unfortunately this lead to a DNF four laps – in fact, he was so exhausted that he could not even keep up with slow-mo me in the third lap. More unfortunate was the domino effect on the rest of the group – everyone tried to keep pace but the initial spurt proved to be the downfall as exhaustion and tiredness crept in by lap three. One of the guys commented that while his timing was worse off (48 minutes) than his usual comfortable 46 min pace, he was totally washed out by the end of the run. In the end, the guys heaped criticism over criticism on the wrong strategy for yesterday’s run.

Since my pectoral muscles were still sore, every step I took jarred my chest rather badly. It was torturous on the first lap but things seemed to improve by the third lap. I took it slow and easy on the pretext of nursing the injury; in any case, I could never have run 10-11 minutes for a round. This paid off nicely as I managed to complete the four laps. Timing was 51:57 minutes – Ronnie’s estimate as my FR 405 has been sent for repairs.

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