Friday, March 26, 2010

adiNation Training Run - 24 March 2010 and Friday's Workout

It was a warm evening on Wednesday and coupled with the high humidity, no one was interested in running, let alone going all out. It had been raining for the past few days all except Wednesday. Tough luck. Plus there was only four of us – Ronnie, Kenny, Kei Ming and myself. We plodded along at an extremely slow pace and finished three laps in about 39 minutes but if going by the amount of sweat, it would have been at least four laps.

Fauzan was also there coordinating the Bank Negara inter-central bank sports selection and actually finished his run just as we got started.

I was aching all over, especially on the back and gluteals yesterday after Wednesday’s workout. Actually, let me correct that, I have been aching since Wednesday night though things have eased up today. We were back to cables this morning; I guess Michael was not too keen on supporting me on the heavy-duty machines and weights after hurting his shoulder and back yesterday. Plus, I should be resting today in preparation for tomorrow’s run; yup, that was my excuse for forgoing the cardio.

On the Freemotion cables
Supersets of:
a) Seated two arm lat pull down
b) Decline chest press
c) Overhead shoulder press

Supersets of:
d) Squats
e) Rear delt
f) Lateral raise
g) Chest fly

At the PT training area (where we usually do our functional training)
Supersets of:
h) Combo of abs crunches and leg raises
i) Leg raises
j) DB bicep curl

All in, a nice easygoing workout.

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