Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hill Runs

For some odd reason, the muscle soreness I had anticipated from the Pacesetters-NB run on Sunday did not make an appearance on Sunday or Monday or Tuesday. This could indicate one of two things: (1) I did not run hard enough (and hence the lousy timing – I have to stop shifting the blame to the poor medic) or (2) I am actually OK on hills. Because of this, I have zero excuse for a massage. I had intended to pop by Zen Soul in Hartamas on my way home from Cherie’s boutique on Sunday evening but changed my mind after one look at the sky – I didn’t fancy getting wet after a nice relaxing session.

I am wondering if the next Pacesetters’ event will be littered with hills. This should be the Energizer Night Run at the end of March and from my hazy memory of Cyberjaya, I can’t recall any imposing hills or worse still, double or triple hills in that area. To be sure, I should request Kei Ming to incorporate some hill interval trainings in the adiNation programme.

I have been meaning to do interval trainings but sloth catches up with me faster than I can say the word “go”. I wish Kei Ming or Ronnie would schedule a different day and time specifically for interval trainings as they used to. Previously Saturday mornings were reserved for this at the Kampung Pandan track until the LSD training for the Putrajaya Night Marathon kicked in in December. I did discuss this with Kei Ming after the Pacesetters-NB run and he was quite keen after seeing the results of his own workout on his recent races’ timing. Maybe I should pester him after this week’s adiNation run.

All these provide me ammo for doing runs down south. My excuse. The things I do to get out of interval trainings.

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