Thursday, January 7, 2010

adiNation Training Run - 6 January 2010

Yesterday was the first adiNation Training Run for 2010. The usual suspects – Ronnie, Kei Ming, Lai, Fauzan, Adam, Kee and Rama – were there. We were joined by a new girl (I’m bad at names!) – Kenny’s friend – I think this is her second time with us.

It was the regular four loops around Lake Gardens; most of us took it easy and no one shouted any resolution to achieve a personal best. Yesterday’s run was my first longer than 5 km run since Christmas 2009. I was very worried about getting back into form and decided to run at a slower pace.

Our usual Energizer bunny aka Kee took off and left most of us warming up during the first loop. I prodded Lai to follow suit but he declined; so it was left to Fauzan to trail Kee. I was with the group during the first loop and we did a pretty fast 12:18 min. At this stage, I was still running comfortably but going into km 3, Ronnie, Lai and Adam started increasing the pace. Kei Ming and I fell back slightly but by km 4, Kei Ming caught up with the guys leaving me admiring their backs! LOL!

To my surprise, I passed Kee on the third loop just after the children’s playground. I indicated to him that we should run together but he was falling behind and I went ahead. I spotted Lai at the halfway mark of the loop i.e. bridge and was trailing him till the end of the loop. This was rather odd since Lai is usually ahead of the pack. I was even more surprised when he stopped after that only to find out after the run that he did not want me to overtake in the fourth loop. I guess I was not the only one who was getting back into the groove of things.

I knocked off at 1130 last night; the combination of yesterday’s legs’ workout and the run left me totally knackered and listless. In fact my quads are aching so bad that walking up the stairs this morning was a struggle.

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