Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sports Massage

I’ve tentatively scheduled an appointment with Diane on Sunday night. I was hoping for a 130 or 2 pm slot but Diane had already penciled in someone at 2 pm – a sign of her popularity after posting on SgRunners? Currently she has booked me for 845-9 pm but I’m hoping her 2 pm or 6 pm appointments would cancel or reschedule – probably a tall order!

I was thinking of scheduling a pre-race sports massage until I read Running Sucks’ blog against such a move last night. Apparently, a pre-race massage can lead to sore calves and hence affects your performance on race day. So there goes my-somewhat-planned-but-yet-to-be-booked-massage with Diane on Friday night. There is probably some truth (or logic) since my cardio session on the following day after a massage at Thai Odyssey was such a dismal. These certainly dispel the myth that massages improve sports performance, at least the pre-event ones.

I wonder what would be the period for a pre-event massage. 5 days? 4? 3? 2? Or just 1? I’ve been hankering for a massage since we got back from Hong Kong – the culmination of the stress from the New Balance 5km Run on Thursday evening, the travelling on Friday, the rush to Macau on Friday afternoon, the day-long shopping expedition at Tung Chung on Saturday and the ultimate muscle killer – the traipsing around Mong Kok, Nathan Road, Avenue of Stars on Saturday night. Oh well, I can make up any excuse(s) just for a rub down! Wait, I think I should include the back and legs workouts this week in that list!

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