Thursday, December 17, 2009

adiNation Training Run - 16 December 2009

It was a rain-fuelled run as the sky opened up just after 1.5km. The first signs of impending doom were seen as early as 3 pm and when the rain came, it came in heavy. Just as sudden as the downpour, the sky cleared up quickly after the second loop but the damage was already done – water clogged shoes soaking into my socks, slippery track, puddles of water.

As most of the guys intend to do an LSD (that’s long slow distance) this evening, the pace was slightly slower. It looks like the training for the Putrajaya Run will kick off this evening. Ronnie also commented that the other groups e.g. Chap Ayam will also be commencing their training this week. I haven’t decided if I should do this run – 2 (lousy and lame) reasons: it will be hot and humid going by the precedent of the Shape Run; I do not know how to go to the Palace of Justice in Putrajaya.

Everyone completed the run between 48-54 minutes. I came in at 50:25 minutes (according to my Garmin; 50:28 minutes on Ronnie’s watch) which is a minute faster than last week’s run. Running at 5:31 minutes/km is not as taxing as it used to be and I actually felt pretty strong throughout the 4 loops. I could actually complete another loop, or at least half a loop. The cool weather probably helped a fair bit – unlike the heat and humidity during some of the previous runs.

The combination of yesterday’s legs’ training, the adiNation run and this morning’s plow on the cross trainer have left me spent. I woke up this morning with the usual muscle aches and soreness on my quads, hamstrings and left (only!???) gluteus. Would this mean the dreaded “one side bigger butts”?

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