Monday, November 9, 2009

Rest, Massage and Body Aches

The combination of Saturday’s run, an intense yoga practice later on in the afternoon and yesterday’s hour long elliptical cardio session left me so drained that I overslept this morning. I did hear the alarm go off but my usual my 5-minute respite to stretch and fully wake up turned into a 45-minute adjournment! Thank goodness my workout is tomorrow morning else I would have been late.

My body feels achy and tired – I should pencil in an appointment at Zen Soul tonight. A massage should help loosen up the knots and “distribute” the lactic acid buildup. I would have gone for a 2-hour session (or a bare minimum of 1 hour) yesterday if not for the supposedly dinner with Bird. As with Newton’s Law, that didn’t take place – no emails, no text messages, no calls – and I bet he’ll be buzzing me for a meetup before long.

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