Friday, October 9, 2009

Adidas Running Community – 8 October 2009

I did 3 loops instead of the usual 4 – been feeling pretty depressed and de-motivated after a tumultuous week. It began with the nasty email about internet access to being robbed on Tuesday and finally being told by my secretary that I can’t take time off during Christmas and New Year (for the most innocuous reason – nobody is in the office to help out; oh for heaven’s sake, the office was empty the same time last year and it would be very hard pressed to have even a single transaction!).

Well since I only managed 3 loops yesterday evening, I’ll need to make up for that on Saturday (). And to think that I actually felt pretty strong going into the fourth loop but one look at Kei Ming taking a breather at the playground and the issues running through my mind, I decided to call it a halt. Naturally this compounded the guilt feeling which carried through to this morning and which will probably haunt me until I do the 4 loops!

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