Friday, October 2, 2009

Adidas Running Community – 1 October 2009

Yesterday’s running group was pretty small vis-à-vis last week’s turnout: Ronnie, Kei Ming, Lai, Kelvin, Fauzan, Raymond and myself. The weather wasn’t as balmy or humid like last week which made for a less taxing run but it still doesn’t beat running in the rain or after a downpour. The downsides to the latter being lightening and slippery footpaths.

Ronnie paced me for about 2½ loops which helped me tremendously but that speed is not sustainable for me for the rest of the run. I checked the watch and noticed that we were going at 5:17 min/km when my usual huffing-and-puffing-to-get-through is probably 5:30 min/km. Nonetheless the faster timings earlier in the run helped me to achieve a 49:58 minutes for a 9.133 km – according to my Garmin whereas on Ronnie’s watch it was 50:01 minutes for a 9.2 km. At the end of the day, these minute differences are secondary.

As usual the boys clocked sub 45 minutes – Fauzan probably did his usual 41 minutes – and that’s like 1 round ahead of me!

For the last 2 weeks, my stomach seemed to have cramped up after the runs and it lasts throughout the night which makes for a very uncomfortable evening and sleep. I’ve been trying to figure out the trigger for this – it can’t really be my tea break meal because I’ve been having the same thing (cream crackers with peanut butter) all these while or the hydration level because I make sure I hydrate well throughout the day. I don’t think it’s hunger pangs or gastritis either. Perhaps it’s the switch in the running gait which I’m actually doing correctly now, more or less!

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