Saturday, August 22, 2009

Army Half Marathon & Singapore Bay Run 2009

My personal worst record for a 10km – 61 minutes. Slowed down to a walk in the second half – split speeds were 10.4 km/hr and 8.7 km/hr. I probably spent more time in the medic tent after the run than actually running!

The big toe joint on the right foot flared up and is still swollen today – 5 days after the so-called run. The pain runs from the joint up the arch and cramps up the calf. The pain on Sunday was so bad that I was griping the army doc’s hand and he even suggested a jab – which of course terrified me further.

Treatment at medic tent – ice pack, gel, spray and Ponstan painkillers (oral; I refused the jab!). Poor Lien’s colleagues. Then again, someone had to entertain the army boys, right?

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