Wednesday, December 10, 2008

SCSM 2008 Weekend

Decided to head south on Friday instead of Saturday. Saturday seems a bit too close to the race day and there is really no point in stressing myself out with familiarizing with things and getting the race pack. Arrived just after lunch and checked into the Marriott by 2 pm. Remembered Shaun from my last visit and he was so gracious to let me have a “nicer” numbered room and an upgrade. And even gave me a complimentary luggage tag.

Collecting the race pack was a breeze. In and out of the hall in 15 minutes max. Goodie bag had the usual items: Adidas vest (looks good), vouchers from GNC, tourist pass discount card (I suspect it’s probably for foreign runners), heating rubs, Berocca hydration mix, Audi sweatband, Nature Valley energy bar, information booklets and more importantly the race bib and race chip. Strolled into the next hall for the Sports Ekspo but nothing much for me – loads of power gels on sale (which is a no-go for me since I’m vegan) and stuff from Adidas, Crocs, running apparels etc.

Even managed to pop into the John Little warehouse sale but didn’t manage to get anything either. Oh not that there weren’t much but as usual I procrastinate – good strategy on most days since this means I save a whole load of money!

Saturday was an easy day for me ie no pushing myself in the gym and definitely no traipsing around town –I already did that on Friday and there would be plenty of time after the run and on Monday as well. I basically plonked myself in the room after breakfast with Austin (Starbucks again! Coz Simply Bread is closed on weekends). And read and read till Razim got in at 4 pm. We headed to the café for drinks with his friends and chatted a bit before we freshen up for his late minute race shopping and dinner.

Razim bought dinner – Chinese place in Paragon. He was itching for rice after his week-long time in the US. Ordered a sambal fish (again his itch), stirfried combo mushrooms and a vegetarian noodle. The fish was expensive but hey, I guess for him, it was worth it. Plus he did finished the entire dish!

Had a wake up call at 6 am even though I was half awake when Razim got up and prepared for his race. Turned in early the night before (9:30 pm, I think) and it helped tremendously – felt good. Had a good start – took Leslie’s advice and put myself right in front – didn’t want to be blocked by those walking which can get pretty frustrating. Saved myself on this hassle at the beginning of the race but ran smacked into it towards the end. They merged all the runners from the 42km, 21km and 10km for the last 2 km. I ended up spending more time dodging walkers in front of me and repeating “excuse Me” than running.

Was fairly disappointed with my timing – could have shave maybe a minute off if not for the walkers. The route was relatively flat – think I only remembered one upward slope on the highway and hence timing should have been better vis-à-vis the KL Mizuno Wave 2008.

The organizers deserved top notch rankings! Super efficient and the timing and photos were out in less than 2 days.

Spent most of Sunday walking and shopping. Yup, succumbed to temptation and bought myself a 4” heeled shoe/wedge-like and some gifts for Yiu Ming, SW and Mandy. Not much of bargains around which is surprising for this time of the year. And I definitely didn’t succumb to the Coach and Aigner sale.

Dinner was at Modesto’s with Austin. Had a proper pasta this time around (as opposed to Coffee Club’s one on Friday night). It was my favourite too – aglio olio. Managed some cashew nuts too after that – hey I need the protein (my excuse).

Light workout before breakfast with Andy at Borders’ Café. Yay! I had pancakes with maple syrup. We had a good chat and laughs as usual – somehow it’s easier to connect with a fellow Malaysian and SW is right! There really is something with the Singaporeans. Am comparing Austin and Andy and the latter is way way much much more generous.

The coach trip back was a nightmare! Traffic was clogged up in Negeri Sembilan and my 3pm ride only got in at 9:15pm. YM was nice enough to give me a lift home.

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