Monday, November 24, 2008


Was a sloth over the weekend up till the point of having plain noodles for dinner on both Saturday and Sunday instead of heading to Macrobiotics. So holed up at home except for gym, yoga and pole dancing.

Been feeling lethargic this morning and my workout was a pretty much a disaster. Or maybe it was because it’s “legs day” or maybe because I didn’t eat much over the weekend. The legs workout was pretty much OK but I struggled with the shoulders. Things like upright row and shoulder presses were tough.

Summary of today’s workout:
Supersets of:
(a) Leg press and leg extension
(b) Walking lunge and upright row
(c) Prone leg curl and lateral raise
(d) Hip adductor and shoulder press – machine and dumbbells
And naturally abs.

Am thinking maybe I should increase my calorie intake – but no matter what I do, I’m still in the negative mode. What I take in is less than what I burn. Plus the buteyko – that’s probably the source of my weight loss more than anything else.

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